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Dances in Seattle:
  EVERY  Wednesday,
       at the Keystone Church

        (5019 Keystone Place North)
Monthly in:
  Mt Vernon
  PT Townsend

Whidbey Island
Karuna Arts The lovely banner to the left (3'x3')
can be purchased online
at Karuna Arts
Brenda Neth has written an article in "The Voice"
Go to Seattle Housing
Click on September 2016
Scroll down to page 4
   to read the article
--or-- click on image to the left
          to download the pdf

Brenda has written
yet another Dance article.
This time for the magazine:
"City Living Seattle"

Click here to read
The Freedom Project is a non-profit organization in Washington state which strengthens community through supporting the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers. We offer trainings in concrete skills of nonviolence (NVC) leading to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones, and the community. Our work addresses the healing of relationships ruptured by violence and the forging of community founded on genuine safety through connection.
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NOTE: Some of our Dancers are highly sensitive to fragrances (soaps, natural essences,
perfumes, colognes, hair spray). Please do not wear these to Dance events if possible