Whosoever knoweth
   the power of the dance,
      dwelleth in God.

           ~Jalaludin Rumi

Music, the food of the soul, is a source of spiritual perfection; for music fans the fire of the heart, and the flame arising from it illumines the soul.
    ~Inayat Khan
I should like to say that true harmony of music comes from the harmony of the soul, and that music alone can be called real which comes from the harmony of the soul, its true source; and when it comes from there, it must appeal to all souls. ~Inayat Khan
It would be no exaggeration if I said that music alone can be the means by which the souls of races, nations, and families which are today so apart may become one day united. 
    ~Inayat Khan
Music melts all the separate
parts of our bodies together.
    ~Anais Nin
I demand of the Dance - more than any of the other arts - that it reveal the God in humanity - not merely the scientific and beautiful forms that the body can be made to assume, but the very divine self.
  ~Ruth St. Denis
I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep, too fine for words. ~Ruth St. Denis
This music and dancing is to increase Joy...beyond self thought to joy, to bliss, to realization and to peace…this is finding God within, through experience.
    ~Samuel L. Lewis
         (founder of the Dances)
Metaphysically, the goose-step and war are one. It makes use of force without stint or qualification. It involves destructive psychic as well as physical forces. To ablolish war we must abolish war-like movements.
 ~Samuel L. Lewis (founder of the Dances)
A 50-year-old student doesn’t want to hear a 20-year old teacher “ramble on about the profundities of life.” I tell people "you’re learning to be a river guide, but it’s all about the river. When you’re really connected to your breath then you’re in the river, and leading people through it. When in doubt, don’t talk."  ~Shiva Rea

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