Return to the Heart of the Dances
Lifting Veils of Perception through the Dances and Walks

Fri-Apr 21 to Sun-Apr 23, 2017    /   in Tacoma
     Sound, breath, body awareness, concentration, invocation, strengthening our container as channels for health and blessing. The Dances and Walks of Murshid Samuel Lewis originally invoked many new dimensions of age-old spiritual practice. While the Dances’ initial, outer attraction may be beauty, their inner side leads to harmony and the deepest sense of love, both including and beyond the personal.
      In 1982 Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz and Tasnim Hermila Fernandez began to teach and train people interested in the Dances of Universal Peace. They incorporated the Center for the Dances of Universal Peace and the growth of the work of spreading the Dances, Walks, and teachings of their founder, Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.
Tasnim Hermila Fernandez and Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz
Slavonian Hall 2306 N. 30th Street, Tacoma, WA    map
Fri-Apr 21•All Day  /  Sat-Apr 22•All Day  /  Sun-Apr 23•Morning
Full 3 days: Entire Weekend ($225-$300 sliding scale)
•Part Time 2 days Fri & Sat ($180-$220)
2 days Sat & Sun ($165)   
1 day Fri or Sat ($100 )   •Sunday Only ($75)
Registrar - Farishta
A list of recommended housing options will be available.
Scholarships & work trade available, contact registrar.
• Lunch will be included for the Friday & Saturday sessions
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“My relationship to life changed the first time I participated in the Kalama Dance of Murshid Samuel Lewis. After that, there was no going back, even though part of me wanted to. Since then I have been graced to travel with a few other like-hearted souls, including Tasnim. When the transmission of the Dances and the Walks wanted to be expressed in a new way, with new people, with spreading roots, she uniquely was there. Roots don’t possess, they carry nourishment. Transmission doesn’t stop and hold things. It transmits.”

“In June 1971 I was initiated onto the Sufi path by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. My wildest dreams could not have foretold of the experiences and travels that have graced my life in Tasawwuf. I seek the Root of the Root, The Real Self. From the fullness of my experience, I am grateful to share any encouragement or inspiration that may be of service. Receptive to the Spirit of Guidance, we will explore practices to help us more deeply apprehend the ineffable Presence of that which is constantly, silently, transpiring.”

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NOTE: Some of our Dancers are highly sensitive to fragrances (soaps, natural essences,
perfumes, colognes, hair spray). Please do not wear these to Dance events if possible